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The Animal Lover
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Buy copies of The Girls with the Crooked NoseTed Botha is a writer, coffee drinker, and traveler. He has written for publications in the United States, England, and South Africa and is the co-creator of the travel site A World Different. His books includeMongo, Adventures in Trash as well as Apartheid in my Rucksack and (with Jenni Baxter) The Expat Confessions.

His nonfiction thriller, The Girl with the Crooked Nose, is a bizarre tale about a forensic sculptor in Philadelphia and the 40 murders and 7 fugitives he helped to investigate. It is newly out in paperback.

His novel, The Animal Lover, is a romance, comedy, and adventure set in two Africas, today and on the eve of World War 2. The conclusion will blow you away.


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